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  • Commercial 300W RGB DMX wall washer light
    300W RGB DMX wall washer light

    1.8m customized led wall washer light China manufacturer;Super power 270W LED wall washer light which used for Tunnels, Buildings,Car Wash;linear bar led wall washer light.

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  • LED Pond Light
    RGB DMX512 Fish Pond Light

    Do you want to make more colorful to your fish pond? Make the fish pond more ornamental? In order to meet the market for more and more brightening landscape fish ponds, our company has developed a new LED fond light for fish ponds. The product is small and easy to install. With DMX512 function, you can make your fish pond more dazzling and colorful. Made of 316L stainless steel, International famous brand LED chips. It can provide DMX512 three channels and DMX512 four channels with different control modes.

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  • Commercial Outdoor 9W 316L Stainless Steel IP68 Marine 12V24V LED pool Light
    Outdoor 9W 316L Stainless Steel IP68 Marine 12V24V LED pool Light

    LED 9W Swimming Pool Light, 316L Stainless Steel, IP68 Grade, Using High Quality 9W CREE high Power LED light source.

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Everybody, here is a good news to you, we have Designed new model for the Customer, Its our 1w one-side led inground lights,Please follow me, 1,Model No:RS-UG1W316X-N 2,Size:62x94mm* (H95mm with bracket) 2,Lamp fixture: 316 stainless steel, 3,Waterproof grade: IP67, 4,Color resolution: Single Color, 5,Led chip: CREE, 6,Beam angel: 90°, In this month, we have the customer from UAE, They have ordered this model 50pcs to test market, after try sample, they will order more next time. Of course, About this model, one-side is not satisfied from the market demand, we also will carry out new research and development,I believe that in the near future,The Two-side, Three-side, Four-side Will appear on the our factory and appear on the global market. if you have any new inquiry and new project, please choose us, Surprise choose you.

Why clients choose RISE led inground light?

December 28,2016.

When you want to buy led inground light from China, you will have many options. Famous brand lamps can give you a promise of high quality& good after-sales service, but the price is far beyond your budget. Open mold led inground light in market can offer you a cheaper price, however you are always dissatisfy with the quality.

Its a big problem, right? Today Rise Optoelectronics will provide you with a best solution.

We developed our own private mold led inground light, aluminum lamp body with 304 stainless steel polished cover. Compared with open mold in the market, our light has many advantages.


The aluminum we used is better than open mold, our housing weight 0.27KG, open mold just have 0.13KG.

Heat dissipation

Aluminum plate can be used on the shell directly, easy to conduct heat to outer housing.

There are many fins on the radiator of out shell which can touch air in a large of parts, quick heat dispelling to ensure long lifespan for the light source.


Power coating process, strong corrosion resistance and durable, attractive slivery surface as well.

Build-in driver

Rise IP67 led underground light use high-precision constant current driver inside, make sure of full power. Driver fixed with screws, safety and convenient.

Waterproof way

Structure waterproof way, no need fill waterproof glue. PCB fixed with screws, good appearance, easy to repair and replace parts.

PG head

We use brass plated nickel PG9, strong waterproof.

Based on above advantages, we still offer a reasonable price to our customers. If you have any interest, dont hesitate to contact us at your convenient.

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