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Everybody, here is a good news to you, we have Designed new model for the Customer, Its our 1w one-side led inground lights,Please follow me, 1,Model No:RS-UG1W316X-N 2,Size:62x94mm* (H95mm with bracket) 2,Lamp fixture: 316 stainless steel, 3,Waterproof grade: IP67, 4,Color resolution: Single Color, 5,Led chip: CREE, 6,Beam angel: 90°, In this month, we have the customer from UAE, They have ordered this model 50pcs to test market, after try sample, they will order more next time. Of course, About this model, one-side is not satisfied from the market demand, we also will carry out new research and development,I believe that in the near future,The Two-side, Three-side, Four-side Will appear on the our factory and appear on the global market. if you have any new inquiry and new project, please choose us, Surprise choose you.

How to make your DMX control lights be individual controled?

August 13,2016.

1. What you should have to prepare:

1. RGB DMX control LED lights (constant Voltage decoder inside)

For example: The led underground lights RS-UG3W-PM MADE BY SHENZHEN RISE OPTOELECTRONICS

2. The matched DMX address Editor. (DC12V)


3. One Power transformer

For Example: Mean well one 60W transfer the AC220V to DC12 for the light and the Editor.

4. One multifunction DMX controller with individual control function.

2. How to Edit the address to the lights:

Please check the operation guide of the DMX address Editor below.

3. When you tested the address of the lights are editted well. Then connect all the lights to the controller to check if the controller can control all the lights individually.

Warm prompt

1. If you are not very professional, and you are prepare to get the lights be individual controlled. You’d better ask the professional lights supplier to prepare all the material for you. Like the controller, the Driver(Decoder),the lights. Make all these in one system and tested well for you. Then when you get them, you just need to test it again and install them based on the wiring diagram.

2. If you have the lights and they have Constant Voltage decoder inside. And you are professional on the lights refitting

First, ask your light supplier to provide you a DMX address Editer

Second, Find one DMX controller suitable to the lights (with Constant Voltage decoder inside) and you are satisfied with its individual control function.

Third, Edit the lights and connect to the DMX controller to test. And then you got it.

(Most controller suppluer will tell you their controller must use their driver to provide the stable and reliable function, so this is not a good idea. You may want to take of the inside driver and replace it with the outside driver, Howeverthe lights and the PCS are made based on the driver. They are in one light ,and they are design together. If you change the drive, the light and the PCB maybe not suitable)

It is hard to get one balance between the Driver&Controller supplier and the lights supplier.

Nobody can make sure they will be perfect in the cooperation

3. If you are not professional and you have got the RS-UG3W-PM with DMX Constant Voltage decoder inside.

Two ways for you.

(1) Edit the lights and get one individual control function DMX controller which suitable to our Constant Voltage Decoder. The DMX control is the popular control model in the world. Our engineer told me there is no need to take of our driver and you can use our driver for the DMX controller if their signal are the same.The Letch’s officer seems mislead you. Please send us the specification of the DMX controller you want to use, then we can check for you to know whether it suitable to our lights or not.

(2) Replace the PCBA in the lights with the PCBA which made based on the DMX driver and the DMX controller you want. In this way, you must tell us the specification of the lights controller and the DMX driver you want to use. In this way, You will need to some ability to replace the components and tell your driver supplier to edit the address well for you in the DMX driver.

In a work. This work is very complicated. You’d better think twice when you want to change the lights.

In the end, When you want to order one lighting system.Please make sure what kind of lighting effect you want.

When the lights are finished, It is very hard to change the model.

Fortunately, Shenzhen Rise Optoelectronics have produced many self design lights with the reasonable inner space design.

No resin in the lights Except the bottom of the lights which made for better waterproof.

So when you want to change the PCB,

for example, when the light is broken by mistake wire conencting, When you want to change the color of the lights, When the component are broken by some accident.

You will not need to change all the lights.just replace the components and the lights will alive again. That will decrease a lot of maintain cost. And less waste make our environment better.

Any questions,please feel free to contact with us again.

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