21 Mar

LED Wall Washer Features and Highlights

LED wall washer, English LED wash wall lamp, also known as linear LED lamps for light, and so on, because its shape is elongated, mostly aluminum casing wall wash lights, also called LED aluminum bar lights and LED line lights, largely used for architectural lighting purposes, as well as to outline the contours of a large building, its technical parameters and LED Spotlights are generally similar, with respect to the circular configuration of LED flood light, LED wall washer lights heat sink stripe structure of the lamp even more to handle it.

High-power LED wall washer basic parameters:

LED wall washer and guardrail have had a lot in common, we take a look at some of the basic parameters:

1.Voltage :

LED wall washer can be divided into voltage: 220V, 110V, 36V, 24V, 12V several, so we should pay attention to when selecting a power corresponding to the voltage.

2.Operating temperature:

Because wall washer typically used outdoors more, so this argument becomes more important, on the temperature requirements are relatively high, in general, we are asking for the outdoor temperature can operate in -40 ℃ + 60 ℃. But wall washer is relatively good heat dissipation aluminum shell to do, so the general requirements of wall washer are met.

3.led lamp beads number:

Universal LED wall washer number of 9 / 300mm, 18 / 600mm, 27 / 900mm, 36 / 1000mm, 36 / 1200mm.

4.Protection class:

This is an important parameter wall washer, is an important indicator of impact of the current guardrail quality, we want strict requirements, we used outdoors should be in IP65 waterproof rating requirements than is optimal. There are also requirements related to pressure resistance, fracture resistance, high temperature resistance, flame, impact of aging level representatives IP65,6 completely prevent dust entering, 5 represents a rinse without any harm.

5.Control way :

The LED Wall Washer Light is currently controlled in two ways: internal control and external control two. Internal control is no external controller, the designer of the control system at Xian wall lamp inside, the degree of effect can not be changed. Is outside the control of an external controller, the effect can be adjusted through the master key and change the effect. Usually in large projects above, the effect of changing customer requirements can be ourselves, we are using external control such programs. There are a lot of direct support wall washer DMX512 control system.

6.Beam angle:

Which generally have narrow light angle (20 degrees), medium (about 50 degrees), width (about 120 degrees) three, at present, high-power led wall washer (narrow angle) of the farthest effective projection distance of 20 to 50 meters.

7.LED Light source :

Generally use 1W, 3W LED as the light source, but due to immature technology, the market is currently more common use 1W, 3W as heat, heat delete do bad light fades faster. Parameters above parameters we choose LED wall washer must be considered when the light reducing optical loss, so better illumination, each LED wall washer will be allocated for the second time with a LED emitted by the pipe made of PMMA high efficiency lens. I now put to the wall washer is connected via the control connection diagrams let you more easily understood.

LED wall washer works:

1.led wall washer application effect:

LED wall washer through the built-in microchip control, a small engineering applications, you can use without controller, to achieve gradual, transition, color blinking, random blinking, alternating gradient and other dynamic effects can also be controlled by DMX, achieve chase, scan results.

2.Application :

Single building, historical buildings exterior lighting. Light outside the building through lighting, indoor local lighting. Landscape Lighting LED wall washer at riseled, billboard lighting. Specialized medical facilities, cultural and other lighting. Bars, discos and other entertainment atmosphere lighting.

3.LED wall washer trend:

In recent years, LED wall washer has been widely applied to a variety of places, such as the wall of the building lighting companies, government building wall lighting, lighting of historic buildings, places of entertainment; range also increasingly involved more widely, from the original indoor to outdoor, from the local to the current lighting original overall lighting, and improve all levels of development, growing with the times progress, Qin today on LED wall washer has a lot invested in various fields lighting project among the next few years, LED Wall Washer Lighting project will be developed into an indispensable part.

LED Wall Washer

09 Mar

Why Use LEDs?

  • LEDs ware extremely cost effective, have a long lifetime and have a very long energy consumption, typically using 5-10 times less energy than regular lighting
  • LEDs are solid state devices that are shock proof and vibration resistant.
  • The LED chip is embedded in a resin so there are no moving parts.
  • LEDs are made from non-toxic materials and are recyclable.
  • LEDs do not require starters or chokes so are easier to install.
  • LEDs are instant-on and flicker free who no warm up time, unlike fluorescent lighting
  • LEDs Operate at low temperatures unlike halogen or incandescent lights which are hot enough to cause fires!Various LED Inground Lights


RISE has several kinds LED outdoor lights, such as LED Inground Light, LED Underwater Light, LED Wall Washer Light, using high quality led chips(epistar, Cree, Edison), and high quality housing material (304Stainless steel, 316Stainless steel, Aluminum), rubber cable. With high level IP rating, need more detail information, please contact us, www.riseled.com.

LED Inground Light Suppliers

26 Feb

Get a LED Flood Light

Are you looking for Stainless Steel LED Flood Lights to illuminate your outdoor or patio? Homeowners normally would go with incandescent bulbs to light up their outdoor area. Although the light that incandescent bulb gives an ambiance of warmth to the place, they tend to emit tremendous amounts of heat causing the light bulb to break. The excess heat produced is also wasteful. Compact fluorescent bulbs are also not ideal as, like incandescent bulbs, they waste about 80% of energy as heat and are vulnerable to breakage due to the heat that is emitted.

Stainless Steel LED Flood Lights

Energy Star LED Flood Lights

Flood lights made of LED, especially the ones that are classified as Energy Star quality are the most suitable when it comes to illuminating the outdoors. LED lights are energy-efficient as they use the energy generated to light the area unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs which produce heat. As the bulbs do not generate heat, it is also less prone to breaking and thus are safe for outdoor use.

Homeowners who are shopping for Ocean LED Underwater Lights should consider several things before purchasing. Flood lights come in different sizes and types and knowing the right product would prevent any surprises later. Check the area where the lights are to be mounted. One should also consider whether the area is a heavy or light traffic site to prevent any tampering of the light bulbs.

What to Look for in a LED Light Bulb

LED flood lights come in different finishes including stainless steel, lacquer and copper. Many homeowners choose the light’s finish based on the theme or style of their homes. Prices may also vary depending on the additional features of the material.

Depending on the type of intensity or illumination that homeowners want, choosing the right light bulb also has profound impact. Halogen bulbs are composed of halogen gas and tungsten filament giving them the ability to emit light brighter than other types. And it is wise to get a Decoder Constant Voltage. For those who are concerned with energy-saving, a light bulb made with sodium vapor is perfect as it is energy-efficient and less expensive. One downside with sodium vapory bulbs is that they tend to take longer to brighten up compared to halogen bulbs.

What’s more, motion and infrared sensor flood lights are popular as they are affordable and quite practical especially for elderly people. Motion sensor lights can detect heat waves and stay open to illuminate the area for homeowners and automatically shut off afterwards. Some models also feature dusk till dawn feature which automatically switch on the lights during sunset and off during sun rise. This feature is perfect for those who want to save on their electricity without compromising their comfort. For more information on LED Flood Light, please visit riseled today.

19 Feb

How to Select Wall Light Fittings

Wall light fittings are the flush-mount light enclosures that provide interior decorators with a host of different options for designing unique indoor lighting. The styles and options available are many, and installation is usually a simple process.

The style of fitting you choose largely depends on where the light is to be installed, and the type of décor in the room you’re installing them in. A contemporary living room, for instance, would warrant a completely different fitting than one in a traditional style dining room. They can be as basic or whimsical as your imagination is, and many online suppliers offer photographs to guide those looking to make a purchase.

There is also the ultimate function of the lighting to consider. A review of some different types of Linear LED Wall Washer Lights fittings should help generate ideas on how the right light can impact the mood and furnishing in any given room.

Linear LED Wall Washer Lights

A “wall washer” is one example of a light fitting that has a specific purpose. In general, a wall washer bathes a particular wall in light, either to highlight features like paintings or wall hangings, or to increase the perceived size and definition of a room’s dimensions. They can be recessed into ceilings to beam down on particular walls or the fitting may be on the wall itself, shining light in a wide beam above or below the lamp.

These lights are sometimes called sconces, and in the days of candlelight, sconces were utilized to protect walls from the candle’s flame while they burned. Today, sconces are usually the more ornamental wall light fittings made from various metals or ceramics that are a more traditional or elegant lighting solution. A pair of gold sconces might grace the walls on either side of a dining room, for example.

Recently, light fittings have utilized halogen or LED Pool Light Bulb in an effort to promote energy efficiency. The more delicate styles of wall light fittings have adapted well to smaller, more versatile bulbs, something traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs cannot do.

In fact, the more formal type fittings usually contain bulbs that simulate candles and the familiar curved and custom-blown glass and clear crystal features simulate the open flames of candles suspended from the wall. At the other end of the spectrum, a wall light in a bathroom could be as simple as a fluorescent tube that provides basic bright lighting in an area that needs more light.

Replacing wall light fittings is not necessarily difficult, but is sometimes best left to electricians who are experienced and qualified to do the job right the first time. Still, many homeowners consider this a do-it-yourself project they can and do handle on a regular basis.

A light fitting is not a permanent installation, but it does require some forethought. Reviewing styles from catalogues or web pages, or visiting a local supplier to see the options one has, is always a good idea. Such features aren’t cheap, and buying something that looks good in a photo or in a store sometimes leads to a change of heart when the fixture is on your wall at home. LED Dance Floor Panels are also at riseled. Have a look!

05 Feb

Outdoor LED Wall Wash Lighting

As far as indoor lighting is concerned, LED Wall Washer Flood Light is a requirement for decorating the interiors of your house. Not only do they provide the customers with a vast range of options in designs and styles, but also function as flush-mounted lights which enhance the house from the inside.

The benefit of having LED wall lights is that you can install them very easily as it only involves fixing them firmly to the wall. Depending on the location of the installation, you can choose what kind of fitting you want and what additions you expect to be taken care of in your room.

The decorations differ from one room to another. Let’s take an example of a conventional living area; the wall lighting requirements here are going to be very different from that of a traditional dining room. In short, the LED wall lighting fittings are different for each room. However, it all comes down to your personal choice. So once you decide to purchase LED wall lights, it is advisable to go through the various images and photographs of wall lightings provided by the suppliers and manufacturers.

When it comes to lighting, the different wall fittings can make a lot of difference. By making some changes in the fittings using creative ideas you can influence the mood and appearance of any room. The perfect combination of appropriate light and design is what you need to make your room sparkling shiny.

Amongst the various kinds of wall lightings available in the market today, Outdoor LED Wall Wash Lighting is one fitting that is noticeable. What it does is that it highlights the furnishings hanging on the wall like paintings, etc. and also adds a sense of spaciousness to the room. By giving a false sense of bigger dimension, even the small rooms can be made to feel spacious.

Outdoor LED Wall Wash Lighting

Wall washers can also be fitted into ceilings in such a way that they would shine down on the walls that are in need of lighting. It is also possible to have them shine the room in the form of a wide beam that may be an upward or downward direction.

The LED wall lightings of today are more efficient and versatile than they were previously, and that is one change that you cannot expect from the traditional lightings like LED Garden Spike Lights. In fact, it is not difficult to replace your regular wall fittings with LED wall lightings but it is still recommended to seek professional assistance when it comes to installation of electrical fittings.

However, if you have the basic knowledge of electrical outlets and wires, you can do the project yourself. Just make sure that you turn-off the power before touching anything and that you are well-acquainted with the wiring procedures.

Most LED wall lightings are influenced by local styles that can be found in your nearby store or in a catalogue or even a website related to interior decoration. Although they don’t come cheap, LED wall lights add a sense of coziness to the interiors of your home. Visit riseled to browse more LED light.

07 Jan

LED Underwater Lights Comments

LED underwater lights, or underwater led lights, underwater lights is a simple means is mounted in the bottom of the lamp, the appearance of small and exquisite, beautiful, shape and some almost buried lights, but more a mounting plate chassis with screws. Because RGB LED Underwater Light is used in underwater below, need to withstand a certain pressure, it is generally made of stainless steel, 8-10MM toughened glass, quality waterproof connectors, silicone rubber seals, curved multi-angle refraction glass, waterproof, dustproof , leak proof, corrosion-resistant.

RGB Led Underwater Light

Using high-quality LED light-emitting diode as a light can emit red, variety of different colors of light yellow, green, blue, purple, and white. For me, I like Blue LED Underwater Lights best. It’s low power consumption, no heat, long life, impact resistance, high reliability, pure light color, long lifespan.

The led underwater light feature as below:

  1. LED underwater light is a kind of LED as light source, the red, green and blue mixed color change is the fountain underwater lighting, theme parks, exhibition, the perfect choice for business and art lighting.
  1. In order to better heat dissipation LED underwater lights, the proposal should be placed below the surface of the lamp use.
  1. In order to achieve good LED underwater light waterproof effect, the protective effect of reach IP67 LED underwater lights above, light can be placed 5 meters from the surface. Best cast light angle is 25 degree.
  1. Underwater lights LED light source, LED is called the fourth generation light source or green light, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, small size and other characteristics. It energized, they can issue a variety of colors, colorful, generally installed in the park or fountains.
  1. LED underwater lights use the best super bright LED as the light source, light bulbs to light 100,000 hours. Each underwater lights from the light source composed of 360 (120 red, 120 blue, 120 green). Good source material to make a longer lamp life and get the most satisfactory lighting effects.
  1. LED underwater lights have an active clamp, adjustable light angle of cast, location. The lighting designs perfectly, effectively prevent the erosion of bromine and chlorine.

LED underwater light application: Large swimming pool, fountains, theme parks, aquariums, exhibition, commercial and artistic lighting and other places for underwater lighting project. Color Changing LED Pool Lights are very beautiful, which also make you feel relaxed. If you are interested in LED Underwater light, please visit riseled

21 Dec

The Knowledge You Need to Know When You Choose a LED Underwater Light

LED underwater light is a kind of light that applied to water bottom. The main application places include swimming pool, water fountain, fish farm, pond etc.

So when we choose this light, we need consider about many points, such as waterproof, dustproof, electric leakage, corrosion resistance etc.

Let’s know more details.

  • IP Grade. LED underwater light must be reaching IP68, which is the highest level of waterproof grade, Pressurized watertight type. Only in this way the light can working well in water, and keep a good performance.

waterproof PG head

  • LED Chip. LED Underwater Spot Light should adopt DC constant current power supply. At sight place, safety is the most important factor we need consider when we choose LED underwater light. According to international requirement, we must adopt AC/DC12/24V safety voltage.

optical lens

  • LED Underwater Pool Lights need work in the water for a long time, so the housing material must be with the function of waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant etc. Strong surface paint coat, seal processing, stainless steel material, tempered glass.

the lamp body

  • Illumination Function. We can choose different power according to our specific demands. Different customer has different requirements about the LED color, usually there are red, green, blue, yellow, white color for optional.

color temperature figure of LED underwater light

Click riseled for more information. As professional LED Underwater Light Manufacturers, we will never let you down!

14 Dec

How do prospects of outdoor lighting– LED Landscape Light

How do prospects of outdoor lighting –LED Landscape Light

LED landscape is integrated into the landscape lighting LED technology. It is an integral part of the modern landscape indispensable.

With economic development, urban lighting more and more important, and therefore the level of urban lighting has also been greatly improved, from the simple pursuit of lights came up and the pursuit of beauty, from general light source into the high-tech means to make our city the night sky more and more bright.

Then LED landscape in which to play the kind of role? LED Landscape Lights have different shapes, different colors and brightness of the light to create a cultural atmosphere, and make the scenic historical and cultural, symbolic meaning harmonization and the surrounding environment. Not only for people ornamental value, but also more endowed with artistic and historical value, so that people feel the breath of modern urban life in the soft light color environment at the same time sources of long taste of five thousand years of Chinese history and its beautiful art form. In addition, LED landscape lights energy saving, easy to use, rich colors, shapes and diverse, suitable for all kinds of occasions various needs.

LED landscape lights control is more convenient. First, internal control, is directly connected to an external power source, the program writes a built-in LED lamp IC, and each tube numbered, according to the number performed sequential installation, to achieve synchronization effect, you can not just change the time and effect. Secondly, the external control is through the PC software to compile a good pattern, converted into binary file exists on the CF card or SD card storage devices, for data to be conveyed is generally directly controlled by computer.

Rise optoelectronics co.,ltd is LED Outdoor Landscape Light professional factory of 10 years .Our main products of led underwater, inground, swimming pool, wall washer, fountain and garden spike light and so on .The underwater light main use 316 stainless steel materials ,no ABS glue inside ,use cree ,edsion led chip with three years warranty . Our goal is to develop a set design, development, manufacturing, retail, wholesale, works in one of the major professional lighting business.

The company manufactured outdoor lighting widely used in municipal engineering, gardens and parks, development zones, squares, villas and other places, by the provinces and cities nationwide municipal units, lights, electric power, Bureau of Parks and other government departments and real estate developers praise and welcome. As below is our Egypt hotel 316 Stainless Steel Underwater Light project:

stainless steel underwater light

stainless steel underwater light online

high quality underwater light

Installing stainless steel underwater light

install stainless steel underwater light

More information, please visit our company website: www.riseled.com.

09 Dec

Choose the Right Installation of LED Underwater/Fountain Lights from Rise LED

RISE LED has 5 different series of underwater lights

  1. Stainless steel 316 series

AISI 316 material, surface mounted or jet installation, Edison & Cree LED, 3 years warranty, IP68 structure waterproof

RGB DMX512 built in UL standard.

Stainless steel 316 series

  1. SS304 series underwater spot/fountain items

AISI 304 material, surface mounted or jet installation

Epistar & Epiled chip, 2 years warranty, IP68

RGB DMX512 built in

SS304 series underwater spot and fountain items

  1. SS304 series recessed underwater items

AISI304 lamp+ plastic sleeve (for recessed use)

Epistar & Epiled chip, 2 years warranty, IP68

RGB DMX512 built in

SS304 series recessed underwater items

  1. SS316 series recessed underwater items.

AISI316 lamp+ AISI 304 installation housing

Edison & Cree LED, 3 years warranty, IP68.

RGB DMX512 built in.

SS316 series recessed underwater items

  1. Swimming pool use.

LED Par56, AISI304 or ABS

Remote control,

RGB DMX512 built in

Wall hanging installation type

Swimming pool use


There must be a good one for your project use.

Check more information on riseled.


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26 Nov

The Difference between Rise Inground Light and Other Company’S Inground Light

Some customers usually ask why Rise inground lights’ prices are higher than others. Today let me tell you the reason.

The Difference between Rise Inground Light and Other Company’S Inground Light

  1. Outer Housing

Rise LED Inground Light use high quality die-casting Aluminum, weight is 0.27KG, Aluminum plate can be used on the shell directly, easy to conduct the heat to outer shell, has excellent heat dissipation.

But other company’s LED inground light weight is only 0.13kg, material is aluminum, this aluminum plate is underlayed by 4 small columns, the heat can not be sent to the outer shell, bad performance for heat dissipation, affecting the lifespan of the lamp body.

  1. Driver

Rise LED inground light use high-precision constant current driver, make sure of full power, drive fixed with screws inside the housing, and efficient.

The LED inground light from other company use driver without fixed, just coated with a shrinkable/tube poor safety.

  1. PCB board

Rise LED inground light use high-precision constant current driver, make sure of full power, drive fixed with screws inside the housing, and efficient.

The LED inground light from other company use driver without fixed, just coated with a shrinkable/tube poor safety.

  1. PG Plug

Rise LED inground light/LED step lights use brass plated nickel PG9, strong waterproof, strong corrosion résistance, attractive and durable.

Other company’s LED inground light use traditional waterproof PG plug, bad waterproof effect, can not strongly fix and tight the cable, not durable.

You can browse more LED lights like LED Garden Spot Light, LED Wall Washer Lights at riseled.